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ONE Vida : Wellness and Medical Aesthetics in Syracuse

Our Services

Use the search feature or the drop-down menu from "SERVICES" above to find more information on specific services offered at ONE Vida in DeWitt, NY.  Book a consultation to learn more and start your journey to OPTIMZE, NURTURE, and ENHANCE your life.

Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics

Physicians, Nurse Practioners, Nurses, Estheticians, Certified Laser Technicians and Licensed Massage Therapists working together to provide you with the most comprehensive medical aesthetic options available. 

Medical Weight Loss

Treatment Program

The comprehensive medical weight loss program at ONE Vida includes a full array of treatment options coupled with our multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about your health & wellness. 

Sports / Training Recovery

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts require premium recovery services to maintain top performance and readiness.  ONE Vida supports professional, collegiate, and youth athletes with a full range of services.

Wellness & Health Optimization

Health optimization requires skill and know how and ONE Vida providers take the time to apply their passion for health & wellness and utilize a full array of diagnostic and treatment modalities.

Hormone Replacement / Optimization

Health optimization requires the correct physiological balance of hormones.  Accessing levels and offering options for hormone replacement/optimization can lead to better health and performance.

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