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Medical Weight Loss

Physician-lead. Multidisciplinary Team. Individualized. 

Physician Lead

At ONE Vida, your weight loss journey involves working closely with your multidisciplinary team of medical experts, but it all begins with, and remains lead by, a physician you can trust.  After your initial intact you meet with one of our caring expert ONE Vida physicians to get your journey off on the right direction.  Your physician takes in all the factors and individualizes the care plan to your specific needs rather than prescribing a "cookie-cutter" formula approach.  


Multidisaplinary Team

It takes a team of experts and ONE Vida has the team you need to optimize your health and plan for success!  From our physicians and NPs, to our RN health coach and RNs, we have the core team you need.  ONE Vida goes even further: sometimes an individualized approach means counseling, massage therapy, or correction of other health issues and ONE Vida has the ability to get you the expert care you need to succeed.



Every patient is unique and the ONE Vida approach is designed to customize your care plan to ensure optimal outcomes by assessing and addressing all of the key factors needed to direct your care along your journey.  From in house blood draw services, to offering a comprehensive array of treatments like medications, peptide therapy, hormone optimization therapy, and more, ONE Vida covers all the bases for you and ensures an individualized program just for you.


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