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Platelet-rich Plasma and Platelet-rich Fibrin 


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) are classified as Regenerative Medicine, a growing category of medical treatments that stimulate the body’s natural regenerative processes, harnessing this remarkable potential to heal, rejuvenate, and restore function to skin, joints, muscle, and other body tissues. Stem cell treatments are a well-known example of regenerative medicine. 


PRP and PRF are similar products. Each begins with a small amount of blood drawn directly from the patient, which is then centrifuged—a common medical laboratory machine that spins the vial of blood rapidly, causing its constituents to separate and concentrate. Clinicians then take the portion they want, which contains platelets, growth factors, proteins, and other cells that stimulate healing and rejuvenation. The safety of these therapies has been well-established by researchers, and more recently they have been scientifically demonstrated as effective for rejuvenating skin. What makes them so safe is that they’re taken from the patient’s own body and with only minimal processing, are used immediately. Because they are autologous (meaning they come from the patient), there’s no concern for potentially dangerous side effects such as a reaction to the material being introduced. 


Beyond that, the introduction of the regenerative compounds within PRP and PRF speeds the process of healing. Aesthetic practitioners around the globe rely on these autologous products to hasten healing and maximize the results for many cosmetic procedures.


PRP versus PRF


The main difference is that PRP is centrifuged for a longer time, which concentrates the constituents differently. PRF, when applied, also creates a fibrin matrix laced with platelets, which acts as a sort of time-release mechanism for the compounds within; this can also be used to enhance tissue volume. While PRF is considered to be ‘better’ than PRP, they are actually very similar but ideal for different situations. PRP and PRF can be applied topically to skin but are most effective when they can penetrate more deeply, through injection or microneedling. PRP injections are often used in place of dermal fillers for a more subtle result, or as a safer alternative, but the filling or volumizing effect will not be as dramatic.


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With unconfirmed origins in Eastern medicine, microneedling in modern medicine originated in 1905 to treat pigmentation and scars. The procedure as we think of it today was adapted and refined in the 1990. 


Microneedling is a well-studied minimally-invasive procedure using a matrix of tiny needles to superficially penetrate the skin in the treatment area with minimal trauma, creating a pattern of controlled micro-wounds which heal quickly. This has two key benefits, the first being that this matrix of micro-wounds stimulates a natural healing cascade that causes collagen remodeling and improves skin in a number of ways. This simple therapy has been scientifically demonstrated to rejuvenate skin and treat acne scars, as well as a variety of other skin conditions, safely and successfully. It is very easy to perform and not very painful.


The second is that this pattern of wounds can serve as channels into the skin, through which other substances—such as drugs or PRP—can penetrate and have a more profound effect. Applying PRP or PRF in this manner is ideal because it improves penetration of the numerous regenerative compounds, maximizing their effectiveness. And because they’re from the patient’s own body, this is very safe.


PRP + Microneedling


Simply put, PRP + Microneedling is a match made in heaven. By combining these two simple, safe, but powerful technologies, MedSpa Solutions staff can improve skin texture and tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve pigmentation, and address overall sun damage to create healthier, more youthful-looking skin. This combination therapy is safe for all skin types.


If you have any questions about PRP, PRF, microneedling, or the MedSpa Solutions Sanguifacial, please call MedSpa Solutions at 315.552.1050 or contact us via the web. 

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