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Botox Injections


Neuromodulators are used in aesthetic medicine to block or reduce unwanted facial muscle activity.  Products like Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin and selected by our doctors in consultation with our clients to ensure the best possible aesthetic effects.  

When botulinum toxin is injected, it blocks certain nerve signals that make muscles contract. The muscles relax, reducing unwanted wrinkles. This effect lasts about 3–6 months. After that, the muscles move again and wrinkles come back.

When you have botulinum toxin injected, your doctor may first rub an anesthetic cream on the area to numb it. Then he or she will inject the medicine into specific facial muscles. This only takes a few minutes, and can be done right in the doctor’s office. You will be able to continue your daily activities right afterwards.


About 3 days after the injection, you should notice some muscles starting to relax. After 1 week, you likely will see fewer facial wrinkles and lines. This effect wears off in about 3–6 months

The main difference between Xeomin and Botox or Dysport, is that Xeomin contains just one ingredient: botulinum toxin A.  Xeomin is a “naked injectable,” meaning that it does not contain any additives. A benefit of a pure-form injectable is that the human body is less likely to become resistant to it.  All three have different diffusion properties and may have specific onset and area coverages that suit particular uses and clients.

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